Ideas & Hacks

Dessert Ideas & Hacks:

Whip up one 16 oz whipped topping with 4 oz (approximately 1/2  container) Baker’s Choice Vanilla Mousse Powder or Chocolate Mousse Powder for a quick and easy mousse. To step it up, layer with  Baker’s Choice Peanut Brittle, Hazelnut Brittle, Almond Brittle or Nut Crunch in small dessert cups.

Use Baker’s Choice Chocolate Glaze as a quick and delicious glaze for your favorite bundt cake or brownies. 

Change up your chocolate chip cookie recipe by swapping out plain chocolate chips for Baker’s Choice Caramel Chips, Nougat chips, Cappuccino Chips,Strawberry Chips, or King David White Chocolate Chips or Butterscotch Chips.

Dip pretzels into Baker’s Choice Chocolate Glaze and then into Baker’s Choice Peanut Brittle, Hazelnut Brittle, Almond Brittle, Nut Crunch or sprinkles for quick and easy chocolate dipped pretzels.You can try this with sandwich cookies as well.

Spoon Baker’s Choice Vanilla Custard into a baked pie shell then top with pomegranate arils, kiwi slices, mandarin orange segments or fruit of your choice for a beautiful fruit tart.

Combine Baker’s Choice Lemon Creme with Marshmallow Fluff, spoon into a graham cracker crust and freeze for an easy lemon freeze pie.

Combine Baker’s Choice Vanilla Custard with 8 oz parve whipped topping (already whipped) and freeze for an instant parve vanilla ice cream. 

Mix 1 container ice cream with Baker’s Choice Razzle Mix, peanut butter and chocolate syrup. Then spoon into a chocolate or regular graham cracker crust for a razzle ice cream pie.

Mix  Baker’s Choice Caramel or Strawberry Shpritz into ice cream to make  an easy strawberry ripple or caramel ripple ice cream.

Use Baker’s Choice Chocolate Schmeer as a filling for babka or rugelach.

Other Ideas & Hacks:

Baker’s Choice Nish Nosh Croutons+Salad Mate Nish Nosh Dressing+Lettuce+Diced Peppers+Cherry tomatoes=Easy Nish Nosh salad

Baker’s Choice Caesar Croutons+Salad Mate Caesar Dressing+Lettuce=Instant Caesar salad. Sub Baker’s Choice Whole Wheat Croutons and Salad Mate Lite Caesar Dressing for a healthier version.

Baker’s Choice Onion and Garlic Croutons+Salad Mate Lite Lemon Garlic Dressing+Lettuce+avocado

Sprinkle any flavor Baker’s Choice Croutons on soup for a quick and delicious garnish.

Coat chicken with a little olive oil and Pereg Shwarma Spice Blend and bake or grill for easy shwarma chicken.

Sprinkle Baker’s Choice Black Sesame seeds on salmon for a beautiful garnish.